Don't Buy These 10 Foods On Sale

1. Pre-cut Fruit or Veggies

If pre-cut fruit and veggies are on sale, they're likely on their way out and about to expire. Unless you plan on consuming [them] that day, it's likely best to avoid

2. Avocados

If they are on sale and it's not a guac-heavy holiday, they are probably overripe. Again, if you plan to use it that day, it's probably OK.

3. Conventional/Non-organic Meat

No matter how good the price is, when it comes to animal products, quality is key. It's best to spend a little more on high-quality meat organic.

4. Farmed Seafood

Whether there is a sale or not, farmed seafood isn't Marlowe's go-to. "Wild Seafood is a healthier choice, as it typically has less contamination of PCBs compared to farmed.

5. Cereal

I wouldn't buy it if not on sale either — sugary, refined grains are not the best way to start the morning.

6. Pre-washed, Bagged Salad Greens

If the pre-washed, packaged salad greens are on sale, they're probably about to expire. Check the expiration date

7. Baked Sweets

Bakery sweets and cakes may be even more enticing when placed on sale. Besides the possibility of not tasting as fresh or being stale. Better avoid them when you can.

8. Fresh Nut Butters

if freshly ground nut-butters are on-sale at the grocery store be cautious. Since these kinds of nut butters are preservative-free.

9. Milk

Ask anyone who's ever brought home a new carton of milk and then finds it's actually spoiled once they open it. It's not a fun (or safe) experience to have.

10. Bread

Check the date on the package to make sure it's relatively fresh before taking it might notice mold growing a little bit sooner than desired.