Disturbing consequences of eating avocados

extremely violent

One gang, called La Familia Michoacana, made itself known in the avocado game by reportedly throwing five rivals’ heads onto a dance floor in the town of Uruapan.

Attacking farmers

Another gang, called the Knights Templar, taxed, extorted, and kidnapped farmers, outright stealing their land

The Viagras cartel

Deriving its name from the founder's unusually erect hairdo, this cartel forces "protection payments" from farmers, flies drones over the plantations

New Generation cartel

This cartel is trying to stake their claim, and in August 2019, they reportedly hung nine bodies from an overpass in Uruapan, and hung a banner

treated poorly

 avocado farmers in Mexico reported being extremely unhappy with the wages they receive, on top of the danger of gang violence

lack workers’ rights

The workdays are long and strenuous, income is hardly sufficient, child labor is not uncommon, and the job itself is insecure

Killing the avocado industry

 Adriana Villicaña, a professor in Uruapan, told AP News that the industry has lifted many people out of poverty, and it’s a good source of work for women. 

Crime in New Zealand

The spike in demand for green gold had thieves targeting avocado orchards, with close to 40 large-scale thefts reported

China is getting involved

A decade ago, avocados were essentially unknown in China, importing only two tons in 2010. In 2017, it brought in 32,100 tons

find new supply

Some Chinese businessmen, with support from the state, are reportedly developing avocado plantations in the souther province of Guangxi.

global trade

If China can produce an avocado that rivals the Latin American variety, and for less, the global market could see a huge shift

there a solution

Though it may help to calm down with the avo-craze, in the greater scheme of things, they’re still better than foods derived from animals

better for the environment

Avocados have a lower carbon footprint than eggs, and are half the footprint of bacon, says Cumberlege. Of course, they can be produced in environmentally friendly

let them go to waste

If it’s too much for you to stop eating avocados completely, just make sure you don’t let all of these consequences become a browned,