cooking hacks you won’t believe

1. cheese with ease

 A knife is almost always the best cutting utensil, but not when it comes to soft cheeses. The cheese always ends up sticking to the knife or getting super smashed.

2.Spooning with ginger

First, wash the skin. Then get a spoon, firmly grip it by/near the bowl, and scrape the skin away with the edge of the spoon.

3.Parchment paper

Parchment paper is great for—and sometimes critical to—baking. But while it’s easy to lay down a piece on a baking sheet, getting it into a deep baking dish or a circular/square. 


If you’re peeling a clove or two of garlic, nothing beats the old classic method of cutting off the root ends with knife, putting the clove between the cutting board and the flat of knife.

5.Tear-free onion-chopping

 We’ve tried every method of chopping onions, and nearly all of them left us in tears (for multiple reasons). But by combining two methods, we can now chop tear-free. 

6.Sink or swim

 Eggs are still good beyond their sell-by date, but how long exactly? amount of air inside an egg increases as they go bad, so submerge eggs you want to use in a glass or bowl of water. 

7.Shaken, not frothed 

you can froth your own milk at home without a fancy frother or cappuccino machine? Instead, put the milk in a jar, screw on the lid, and shake, shake, until the volume doubles. 

8.Get your cherries a beer 

If  use the clean, empty beer bottle to de-pit your cherries by placing a cherry on the top and shoving a chopstick through it in a downward motion.

9. Send brown sugar to the sauna

 We’re here to tell you that there IS hope when trying to salvage brown sugar that has hardened into a giant unforgiving block.

10.Berry straws

 Slicing the whole top off of a strawberry is too wasteful, and cutting around the green takes too long. Instead, stick a straw in the strawberry’s tip and push it all the way through.

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