Burger King Has Another New Whopper

Burger King has come pretty loose with using its iconic Whopper name. As long as a burger uses the basic construction of the famous sandwich

The Restaurant Brands International company seems willing to deem it a Whopper. That makes sense -- calling something the Halloween Whopper or the Arbor Day Whopper

The chain, however, seems willing to put just about anything on top of two hamburgers sandwiched between two sesame seed buns and promote it as a new Whopper.

That strategy has been working as the chain has tried all sorts of Different Whoppers around the world. McDonald's has protected its classic Big Mac franchise

By only adding to the lineup sparingly, Burger King has given fans dozens of new takes on its most-famous sandwich.McDonald's might be the company making a mistake

It has had a lot of high-profile high-end burger failures. Would the Arch Deluxe have done better as the Big Mac Deluxe? Almost certainly,

The new Whopper you'll have to go to the United Kingdom. There's nothing particularly British about the new burger, so  it might work well in other markets

The first of the burgers landing on the Burger King menu from 10th March is the Katsu Chilli Whopper, which is topped with cheese and a rich katsu curry sauce

Katsu, a traditional Japanese fried chicken or fried pork dish you can find on the menu at many American Japanese restaurants comes served with a special sauce

Burger King has also used Katsu in another new product, and this one does not use meat at all. The plant-based Katsu Chilli Whopper includes a plant-based burger

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