Burger King Drops Popular Menu Items

Yum Brands' Taco Bell had to get rid of its beloved Mexican pizza due to how complicated it was to make and its less-than-efficient packaging.

Burger King began taking steps to simplify its menu in late 2021. That involved streamlining how it builds its menu items.

Burger King President Tom Curtis, the man charged with fixing the chain's business in the U.S., explained what's happening during RBI's fourth-quarter earnings call, QSR Magazine reported.

"These measures and the renewed focus on operations are welcomed by franchisees and starting to drive progress in several key operational metrics, including order accuracy

"We're excited to work on that brand positioning and defining our brand essence going forward. I think we'll be focusing on our core, on the Whopper, flame grilling

So far, these changes have not caused any noticeable disturbance to the menu, but as it did at Taco Bell and McDonald's, that could happen.

Curtis says the key to improving sales comes with fixing operations, and that could mean eliminating menu items that either don't sell well

Burger King has not been shy when it comes to using the name of its most-famous sandwich to launch new product offerings. It's currently doing that with its Whopper Melt sandwiches

"The Whopper is a multibillion-dollar brand, and we need to treat it as such," Curtis said. "… While we always strive to provide excellent value for money on a full-menu basis

The fast-food chain has become known for innovation and has regularly tried new versions of its classic Whopper both in the U.S. and around the world.

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