Breakfast Food to Avoid for Belly Fat

According to Trista Best, MPH, RD, LD at Balance One Supplements, one breakfast food that you may want to limit or avoid when trying to lose abdominal fat are breakfast pastries.

"Breakfast pastries like processed and pre-packaged toaster pastries, donuts, and even some meal replacement bars

Why you should avoid breakfast pastries if you want to lose belly fat.


can be stalling your weight loss efforts, especially because weight gain around the belly is easily exacerbated by a diet containing refined carbohydrates and sugar," says Best.

While eating a decadent, fluffy pastry in the morning can be satisfying in the moment, Best warns that there really isn't much nutritional value to them at all,

"These pastries are calorie-dense and loaded with ingredients that will lead to inflammation, glucose spikes, and subsequent crashes, as well as only temporary relief from hunger," says Best, 

"and this may lead to overeating on other foods soon after consuming breakfast pastries with little to no valuable nutrients."Best also points out that eating foods that are low in nutritional value,

The link between refined carbs and belly fat

While refined carbohydrates like breakfast pastries can have an immediate impact on your glucose levels and energy,

they can also contribute to more belly fat over time if consumed on a regular basis.For example, one study recently published in The Journal of Nutrition found a connection between

regular consumption of refined carbohydrates and more weight around the abdominal area.same study also found that replacing refined carbohydrates with whole grains help improve abdominal weight gain

You certainly don't have to avoid breakfast pastries forever, especially if eating them brings you joy in the morning. However, Best suggests making some adjustments in how you consume them.

"Breakfast pastries should be limited to occasional consumption and replaced with nutrient-dense foods that will fuel your body and set you up for success," she says.