Must Try Hookah Flavor!

Fantasia Herbal
Pink Lemonade

Manufactured with only premium ingredients in the USA
These products DO NOT contain and nicotine.

Hydro Herbal
Mint Flavor

Safer and non-addictive alternative you can count on.
Made for mint lovers looking for a fresh and smooth hookah flavor.

Fantasia Herbal
Blueberry Ice

The sweet and  tangy dark blue berry blend with premium is sure to please your senses.

Fantasia Herbal
Dirty Blonde

Dirty Blonde Fantasia Herbal Shisha blends sweet pineapple and banana flavors into a free and nicotine-free product.

Fantasia Herbal
Golden Double Apple

Double Apple is the traditional flavor with a heavy mix of anise/licorice and apple. Golden Double Apple is a modern twist on this classic shisha flavor. 

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