They do offer a far better experience than the otherwise boring wire earphones.

Top benefits for owning Apple AirPods

Pairing is so simple

All you have to do is push the button present on your AirPod charging case, and it automatically pairs it with the iPhone.

iCloud right in your ear

After you have paired the AirPods with any one of the Apple devices, it will be available across all of the Apple devices used by you, which use the iCloud.

Smart enough to work even with the Android devices

One of the marveling features about AirPods is that it extends its usability beyond the iCloud pairing.

This wireless earphone comes packed with dual optical sensors, W1 chips, a microphone, and accelerometers.  all of this ensures that you enjoy a phenomenal experience.

AI in the ears

From controlling the volume to checking the weather, calling someone, or asking directions, the AirPods can do it all after activating Siri.

Extended battery life

On a single charge, AirPods assures an extended battery life of five hours. So, it can be particularly beneficial for people who have long commutes.

It is priced well and  undoubtedly worth the cost. If you have quite a few Apple devices, or even if you don’t, this can certainly be a good pick for truly wireless earphones.

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