Avoid These Things At the Grocery Store

Gift cards

Most grocery stores now offer convenient gift card racks that have gift cards to every store you can think of. Grocery stores don't mark these up

Cut-up meat

Making stew? You might feel tempted to purchase a tray of cut-up stew meat. Don’t. These have been marked up since they were cut up for you already.

Food containers

Not only are they going to be more expensive at the grocery store, but there also won't be a ton of options and you probably have to buy them individually rather than in a package.


Some grocery stores sell a small selection of books for adults and kids. It can be tempting to grab the latest best-seller you've been meaning to read, but ignore them: books

Toilet paper

Unless you're really desperate, there's no need to buy toilet paper from grocery store. You can get toilet paper for a lot cheaper at a store

Baby food

It's also worth noting that if you're able to, making your own baby food is much cheaper and a lot less more simple than it seems.

Pre-packaged smoothies

You'll find individually pre-packaged smoothies in the dairy section or refrigerated section. These sound like a delicious and quick breakfast option, but glance  the ingredients

Name brand cereal

Cereal is expensive, and the boxes really don't last that long. Most grocery stores will sell all the big name brand cereals, but they'll also sell generic versions 

Packets of instant oatmeal

A package of instant oatmeal may seem easier for on-the-go breakfasts, but save yourself a few dollars and buy a large container of instant oatmeal,

Laundry supplies

Like cleaning supplies and paper items, laundry supplies are going to be marked up at the grocery store and will cost you more for pretty much no reason at all.

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