America's Best Hot Dogs

New York Hot Dog

New York hot dogs are a classic street food in the Big Apple, sold on virtually every corner of the city and in countless variations no less.

Detroit Coney Dog

Detroit may be far from the iconic Coney Island neighborhood of Brooklyn, but Greek immigrants eventually made their way to southeastern Michigan

Carolina-Style Slaw Dog

For a hot-and-cold concoction to beef up your backyard BBQ's, turn to these Carolina-style slaw dogs, topped with mustard, creamy coleslaw and homemade beef chili.

Maine Red Snapper Dog

If seafood's not really your thing, skip the Maine lobster rolls and stick to hot dogs. Popularly named red snapper dogs, these franks come in a distinctive vibrant red hue 

Seattle Hot Dog

Another west coast favorite, the Seattle dog is topped with cream cheese and grilled onions on a toasted bun. The hot dogs are usually split before being grilled

Sonoran Hot Dog

Similar to Tijuana or danger dogs, Sonoran hot dogs are wrapped in bacon and originated in Mexico. But toppings go a step further with the Mexican influence to include pinto beans

Italian Hot Dog

You don't have to have the Jersey accent to appreciate these belly-pleasing New Jersey Italian dogs, filled to the brim with fried potatoes, peppers, onions and mustard.

Rhode Island Hot Wieners

Rhode Island hot wieners, also referred to as New York System wieners are made with small, thin hot dogs composed of a beef-veal-pork trifecta, plopped onto a steamed bun

Kansas City BBQ Dogs

Those who attend Kansas City Royals ball games might argue that KC hot dogs are all-beef frankfurters topped with melted Swiss and sauerkraut, but many will beg to differ.

BBQ Hot Dogs

Memphis-style BBQ dogs are usually made with grilled pork dogs wrapped in bacon, smothered with BBQ sauce and loaded up with cheddar cheese

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