Amazing Things You Can Do With a Lemon

 Goodbye Acne

Ever wondered how to get rid of pesky pimples and the ugly marks they leave behind without breaking your piggy bank at the dermatologist

Fountain Of Youth

Patting lemon juice on your skin will help tighten it and smooth out fine lines. To further your efforts of aging gracefully, consider avoiding


Whole lemon into a small Mason jar and then add enough granular sugar until the mixture becomes thick. Then, splash your skin with warm water

Dark Spots

Many folks suffer from hyperpigmentation on their elbows and underarms, but how many people actually know that this discoloration is easily treatable

Lighten Locks

 If your hair is on the lighter side  you can use the juice of a lemon on your locks twice a week to lighten them. 

Remove Hair

  To make homemade body wax Squeeze the juice of one whole lemon and add it to a half cup of sugar. Pop the blend in the microwave until it turns brown

Hair Health

 Scalp with lemon juice and leaving it in to work its magic for a half hour before you wash your hair can strengthen your locks, get rid of dandruff

Patchy Tan

Glove-like patches, mix lemon juice with water and baking soda, and then exfoliate the affected areas with the mixture.

Whiten Teeth

White smile, mix a bit of lemon juice with baking soda, dip your toothbrush in it, and scrub—but only for a minute

Pamper Nails

 Soak your claws in a bowl of lemon juice diluted with water for a few minutes. In no time, they'll be bright and back to health

Add it to H20

The citrus' skin is loaded with D-limonene, an antioxidant that helps liver enzymes rid of flush toxins from the body

Lemon Tea

Rich beverage is perfect to wake up to, drink in between meals, and some brews can even help you sleep better

Relieve Stress

Some lemons rather than a box of frosted donuts. Vitamin C-rich lemons help decrease levels of the stress