9 High-Protein Meals To Build Muscle

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1. Chicken bakes

chicken is a powerful source of protein (a whopping 38 grams in one cup) and is a versatile meat you can bake in all kinds of ways. 

2. Chili

it's typically packed with multiple sources of protein. Chicken, beef, or even turkey are easy protein bases for homemade chili, with the packed protein bunch of extra beans and chickpeas.

3. Rice and quinoa bowls

A rice bowl packed with protein can be an easy go-to for lunch. Rely on chicken, fish, or lean steak for the protein in your meal.

4. Curry

Nothing warms the soul like a spicy bowl of curry—especially when it's packed with protein and veggie goodness. Chicken, steak, and even seafood can all work in a curry

5. Waffles and pancakes

Waffles and pancakes can surprisingly be a great source of protein, depending on the types of ingredients you mix into the batter.

6. Grilled meat and veggies

 Steak marinades and chicken marinades can work well for a quick weeknight meal, as will other meats like salmon, tuna, pork chops, and pork tenderloin

7. Burgers

Speaking of grilling, burgers are another easy way to get a protein boost in your meal—and a delicious one, to boot! You can keep it lean with chicken,tuna,turkey,and even lean ground beef.

8. Egg scrambles, omelets, and hashes

One egg contains 5 to 7 grams of protein (depending on the size) and makes for an excellent post-workout meal in the morning.

9. Smoothies and shakes

Whether it's packed with your favorite protein powder or mixed together with Greek yogurt, a smoothie can help rev up your metabolism and keep your muscles strong and healthy

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