9 Secrets Dunkin’ Doesn’t Want You Know

sweet cold foam

In a viral video released by a employee quitting a job at Dunkin', it was revealed that the chain's popular "sweet cold foam" used to top myriad drinks is nothing more than plain

Throw away a lot of food.

Typical Dunkin' throws out a lot of perfectly edible food. What's worse is that company policy bans the donating of that food to the homeless, and it's just that is apparently

Cake Muffin has more calories

This muffin may be delicious, but it's really not worth the brief pleasure your tastebuds will reap, not when you'd have to jog about six miles to burn off its calories,

Brew store-bought Dunkin

According to a self-described former regional manager of Dunkin', the beans in the store are fresh because they do not have to go through the whole packaging process

Syrups may be identical

According to the same TikTok video that purportedly revealed the sweet cold foam to be Reddi-Wip, the French Vanilla Swirl and Pink Velvet Swirl sauces are the exact same thing

Get a free donut

All you need to do is take the time to fill out the survey noted at the bottom of your receipt, print out proof you completed it  and bring it to a Dunkin' for your free treat.

Coffee is discarded

The intention here is to only provide customers  the fact that Dunkin' employees are obliged to dump out any unsold coffee after just 18 minutes is a terrible example of waste.

Not baked on location.

Dunkin' may want you to think their donuts are super fresh but they've got nothing on, say, Subway bread, which is indeed baked in the stores. Dunkin's donuts,

Caramel Swirl Frozen Coffee

This drink should be avoided at all costs, frankly. It packs in a shocking 860 calories, some 30 grams of fat, and delivers 17 grams of saturated fat, which is eight grams

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