9 Health Benefits of Eating Oats and Oatmeal

Whole oats contain avenanthramides.

Oats include antioxidants and polyphenols. Avenanthramides are antioxidants found nearly exclusively in oats.

Oats are incredibly nutritious

The nutrient composition of oats is well-balanced. They are a good source of carbs and fiber, including the powerful fiber beta-glucan 

Lowers cholesterol

Heart disease is the leading cause of death globally. One major risk factor is high blood cholesterol.

 Oats contain soluble fibre.

Oats contain soluble fibre beta-glucan. Beta-glucan dissolves in water and creates a gel in the stomach.

weight loss

Eating filling foods may help you eat fewer calories and lose weight.

improve blood sugar

Type 2 diabetes causes high blood glucose. It's caused by insulin resistance.

skincare aid

Oats are used in many skin care treatments. Finely ground oats are called "colloidal oatmeal"

Oats ease constipation.

Everyone experiences constipation. Infrequent, difficult-to-pass bowel motions.

reduce asthma risk

It’s an inflammatory disorder of the airways — the tubes that carry air to and from a person’s lungs.

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