9 Fast-Food Chains

1. Taco Bell

This year, Taco Bell unveiled plans to reach a footprint of 10,000 stores in the next 10 years. The COVID-19 pandemic has quickly changed

2. Panera

Panera just opened its first "next-generation" restaurant in Missouri last week, and besides double drive-thru lanes and new digital features

3. Burger King

Burger King's "restaurant of the future," a prototype set to begin rolling out this year, will feature several novelties: massive drive-thrus

4. Portillo’s

Portillo's, a beloved Chicago-based brand, is as known for its iconic hot dogs as it is for its large dining rooms. But the future looks very different


IHOP may be a staple dine-in chain, but the brand is expanding with an on-the-go offshoot more suitable for takeout.

6. Del Taco

Del Taco's idea of a post-pandemic restaurant was dubbed Fresh Flex—a new design offering a range of store sizes to prospective operators

7. McDonald’s

Not to be outdone in the way of drive-thru efficiency, McDonald's said last year it was also exploring an express restaurant model which would forego the dining room

8. KFC

KFC announced last year that it was planning to slowly phase out its current restaurant design (dubbed the "American Showman") 

9. Chipotle

Besides adding its Chipotlanes across America (its proprietary drive-thru on steroids), Chipotle also tested a first-ever digital-only restaurant