9 Best Fruits for Weight Loss

Researchers found that participants who ate grapefruit before every meal saw their belly's shrink by up to an inch.

1. Ruby Red Grapefruit

In one 12-week study by the University of Michigan, rats who were fed antioxidant-rich tart cherries showed a 9-percent greater belly fat reduction

2. Tart Cherries

Research conducted at the University of Western Australia found that the Pink Lady apples had the highest levels of flavonoids, antioxidants which to keep the body in tip-top condition.

3. Apples

Pears contain something called pectin which, she says, "nourishes gut bacteria, improves digestion, supports bowel health, and has been linked to improved weight loss.

4. Pears

Berries are packed with something called polyphenols, which are powerful natural chemicals that can help you lose weight and even stop fat from forming.

5. Blueberries

Strawberries are full of fiber, water, and nutrients, and research has linked strawberry consumption to improved heart health and improved insulin sensitivity," says Taub-Dix.

6. Strawberries

Compared to another summer snack (ahem, like ice cream), watermelon is way more nutritious. Plus, science says it's one of the best fruits for fat and weight loss!

7. Watermelon

[The study] indicates that compounds present in these fruits have anti-obesity, anti-inflammatory, and anti-diabetic properties," Dr. Luis Cisneros-Zevallos, AgriLife

8. Peaches

Drinking lemon water in place of fruit juices or soda can absolutely support your weight loss efforts," says Taub-Dix. Every time you have a glass of lemon water instead of a can of Coke.

9. Lemons

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