7 Worst Fast-Food Pizzas

Pepperoni Pizza

 The crust on the bottom and top of the pizza is layered with cheese, and then there is even more cheese inside the slice, along with pepperoni.

This slice is the slice to stay away from. Goodson points to the calorie and sodium count in particular, which make up this nutritional nightmare.

Crust All Meat Pizza

The chain tops its thick crust with pepperoni, ham, Italian sausage, and bacon, and slathers on the "original sauce" and signature three cheeses. 

The mushroom and cheese slice, she says, is "still fairly high in calories per slice, but the fat and sodium are almost cut in half making

Meat Feast Crust

There's nothing little about this Little Caesars' delicacy, which is a deep dish-style pizza with a cheese-stuffed crust. There is even more cheese atop

Coming in at over 500 calories a slice, this pizza takes you overboard on the calories,' Goodson says. "In addition, many of the processed meats

Six Cheese Crust Pizza

 pizza as another option with an unreasonably high calorie count. At just under 500 calories per slice, indulging in more than one of these bad boys can really add

The Garden Fresh pizza at Papa Johns is a much healthier option. Loaded with five different veggies, you're getting half the sodium

Meat Lover's Pan Pizza

 The crust is thick and piled high with cheese, pepperoni, Italian sausage, ham, bacon, seasoned pork, and beef.

The variety and volume of meats here definitely cause the grams of fat milligrams of sodium to tick up," says Goodson. And speaking of sodium

Chicken Bacon Pizza

When you consider a pie like this one, which is heavy on the meat and uses a garlic-parmesan white sauce in place of a traditional red sauce

This pie on a thin crust and cut the bacon, and you'll still be able to enjoy the great flavor while not going overboard on calories.

Large Meat Pizza

The meat is the real issue with this pie: it's piled high with Italian meatballs and pepperoni, and the fat content reflects the amount of meat

 The pizza is smaller, it isn't so bad that you gasp. Sometimes choosing a smaller version of the worst option can make it the best!"

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