10 Bizarre Fast-Food Items That Were Discont-inued

Pizza Hut popularised packed crust, but not all excellent ideas need refining. Canada, Australia, Britain, and South Korea came first. 2015's release was pulled.

Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza

Mac-and-cheese log sprinkled with Cheetos. A sink is needed to wash hands before consuming fast food. Burger King sold them in 2016, but they're full.

Mac n' Cheetos

Nobody requested a chicken-wing latte. Tim Horton's sells beetroot and mushroom lattes. This drink has espresso, milk, Buffalo sauce, and spice.

Buffalo Latte

This McDonald's meal may be worse than onion rings. 1970s onion nuggets never caught on. If you like chicken nuggets, get chicken nuggets.

Onion Nuggets

Burger King recommends fast-food chains specialise. A burger-burrito hybrid was created by swapping flour tortillas for hamburger buns and neon queso for ketchup.


Misnames fail. This 2012 mashup suggests Cinnabon stick to sweets and leave savoury to pizza experts. Cinnamon buns brought forgiveness. '90s dishes


Right? "Healthy" sucked. McDonald's didn't need to adopt the '90s low-fat movement since consumers preferred Big Macs.

McLean Deluxe

Pizza Hut misspells Chicago pizza. It takes a bit to prepare, therefore it's not "quick food" I had a stomachache from the pizza lasagna-like deep-dish pie.


The name isn't strange until you realise it's from Subway. The pulled chicken, melted cheddar, and Frito crumbs combination wasn't "fresh."

Fritos Chicken Enchilada Melt

We're glad this all-fried-chicken, no-bun menu item is gone. If you can't resist, there's a secret sandwich. 11 KFC secrets.

Double Down

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