7 Fast-Food Cheeseburgers

The cheeseburger is an iconic fast-food item. But out of the plethora of fast-food joints, which place do you frequent the most


There was a light at the end of the tunnel for one of our editors, who admits she is a changed woman after trying the Burger King 

Burger King

Henix walked us through each step of the burger-making process as though he were standing at the gril

Five Burger

McDonald's cheeseburger is normally delicious after a night out, especially with a side of French fries.


Smashburger lives up to the company's food technique. The smashed, seasoned, and seared patty on a butter-toasted artisan


The Wendy's cheeseburger came a little smushed and lopsided, the square patty stood up against others effortlessly


Shake Shack won our chocolate milkshake taste test and our French fries taste test, so to say we love Shake Shack 

Shake Shack

Also known as  Checkers, supposedly has "Crazy Good Food." Or at least, that's when their slogan states


 It's hard to argue with such a large sandwich, and it all-around hit the spot for most of our tasters

Five Guys

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