6 Eating Habits to Avoid After 30

"I'm human—I like my treats," admits Burdeos. "An occasional piece of pie isn't going to give you diabetes."

1. Treating yourself a little too often

But a slice of pie here, a sleeve of Girl Scout cookies there, and an every-afternoon chocolate bar pick-me-up, just might send your blood sugar into the prediabetes zone.

Big studies, meta-analyses show a strong association between soda and other sugary drinks and weight gain and increased risk of disease."

2. Drinking sugar-sweetened beverages

Start weaning yourself off the sweet stuff gradually. Drink water. You don't need the extra calories from SSBs, she says.

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There's a term for this: eating mindlessly. It's what happens when you are binge-watching Netflix, and you don't realize you ate the whole pint of ice cream

3. Eating without thinking

"Practice mindful eating," Burdeos says. "Start in a small, realistic way. I recommend picking one meal out of the day, maybe on a weekend when you have more time.

"Those only lead to long-term harm at the expense of short-term gain, and your weight loss will be mostly just water weight," warns Bordeos.

4. Skipping meals

"This tells the primitive part of your brain to go into survival mode, lowering your metabolism, and resulting in the body clinging to every calorie," says Burdeos.

Don't fight your cravings; they are too powerful."Give yourself permission to satisfy a craving," advises Burdeos. "When you get too stringent and try to suppress cravings

5. Trying to ignore a craving

Winging it means making quick decisions on the fly. That can be dangerous when it comes to your diet. If you wait until you are hungry to figure out what to eat,

6. Winging it

you'll inevitably end up choosing the fast food and processed food—such as canned or packaged foods full of preservatives, refined grains, and sugar.

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