15 Diet Tips for Type 2 Diabetes

Ah, a simple pro-tip! It is crucial to reduce your portion sizes in order to keep your blood levels at a happy balance

Reduce Your Portion Sizes

 you want to reduce the risk of developing a particular microvascular issue called nephropathy. 

Limit Your Protein Intake

This it's essential to at least mention. We're not going to tell you to eat a certain number of grams of sugar per day

Reduce Sugar Intake

One serving of carbs, or one carb choice, is equivalent to 15 grams carbs. Women should aim to have 3-4 carb choices

Start Counting Carbs

A lancet device with lancets, and test strips are key to making sure your blood glucose levels are at a stable range

Monitor Your Blood Glucose

Glycemic index is a system that ranks foods on a scale from 1 to 100 based on the impact they have on blood sugar levels

Learn About Glycemic Index

Exercises like walking, jogging, swimming and biking or anaerobic exercises like lifting and interval circuits


you can download for free on your smartphone that will help you keep track of your blood glucose levels

Download This App

Cronometer is another excellent online tool that enables you to record meals, log exercise and biometrics, and more.

Visit This Website

No scientific study is needed to stress how vital it is to talk to other people who are also enduring similar struggles

Join a Support Group

your mind  free of stress by taking a break at work and going for a walk and engaging in some deep breathing.

Reduce Stress

This goes hand-in-hand with reducing stress. Inhaling positive energy and exhaling negative energy including

Practice Yoga

McMuffin because you're on the one-way road to better health! In a 15-year study consisting of 3,000 adults

Do Not Eat Fast Food

These fake sweeteners, called non-nutritive sweeteners or NNS, are not healthy for people with diabetes to consume

Artificial Sweeteners

  A couple of poundsShedding just 10-15 pounds can significantly help balance your blood glucose levels 

Shed a Few Pounds!