15 Depression

Are Making a Comeback

Era Foods You

Won't Believe

Beans were inexpensive and abundant during the Great Depression, so many dishes utilised them. Cheap side dish: baked beans

Stovetop Baked Beans

Stress baking is one of the most popular quarantine activities, and "wacky cake" (also referred to as "Depression cake") is definitely making a comeback.

Wacky Cake

Soup is pure comfort. This Depression-era meal contained beans, ham, carrots, onion, and garlic. Navy bean soup was a 20th-century staple.

Navy Bean Soup

Continuing with stress baking, let's discuss chocolate cream pie. What could be better than pudding-pie?

Chocolate Cream Pie

People are creating dandelion salad to offset all the goodies. During the Great Depression, this dish was popular since one ingredient was "free" if you had dandelions in your yard.

Dandelion Salad

Potato soup has never really gone out of style, but it's definitely been getting more social media love over the past few months.

Potato Soup

Bread-and-peanut-butter? Okay. The Depression-era version of peanut butter bread included just five ingredients—no butter, eggs, or yeast.


Bakery pastries and ice cream shop treats are tasty. A handcrafted birthday cake may combine flavour and remembrance.


According to culinary bloggers, you can prepare seven loaves of "Depression-Era Bread" for $2.50.

Depression-Era Bread

Another Depression mainstay was cabbage. Adding additional veggies to cabbage-based meals made them more palatable.

Vegetable Cabbage Soup

Potatoes were a common Depression-era food. Their versatility produced several meals. Depression-era potato pancakes used baking powder, flour, and an egg.

Potato Pancakes

Hoover Stew was served at soup kitchens around the country during the Great Depression.

Hoover Stew

Meat was scarce during the Great Depression. Recipes like chipped beef on toast, cooked with butter and milk, were created by resourceful chefs.

Chipped Beef on Toast

Frozen fruit salad was a holiday delight. This famous dish is made with canned fruit cocktail, egg yolks, and whipped cream.

Frozen Fruit Salad

Rice pudding was an affordable luxury during the Depression. "Stick-to-your-ribs" food was popularised by necessity. 

Rice Pudding

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