14 Foods That Are Weight-Loss Enemies

Fat-Free Dressing

Mayo with oil is harmful. Harris-Pincus notes that fat-free dressing is heavy in sugar to replace the fat. Healthy dressings include olive oil, lemon, avocado, and Greek yoghurt.

Dried Fruit

Dried fruit, like mango or dates, is heavy in sugar. It's hard to keep to a serving size since it tastes so nice.

Diet Soda

Diet Coke is not calorie-free. Diet Coke consumers are more likely to have high blood pressure and high blood sugar than non-drinkers, according to research.


Granola can be a good snack. Not all options are created equally, though. Look for granolas that are lower in sugar and higher in protein.

Premade Smoothies

Smoothies may add nourishment to your diet, but fast food smoothies can have as many calories as a meal plus extra sweeteners.

Frozen Pizza

Popular frozen pizza brands include a tonne of additional calories, fat, and salt per serving.

Fast Food Salads

Portions tend to be extra-large, plus even seemingly healthy dishes at restaurants and fast food places can be packed with fat and extra calories

Premade Cocktail Mixes

"Look for spirits reduced in calories and sugar while dieting," she says. Use soda or sparkling water instead of sugary mixers.

Processed Snacks

Sugar, fat, and calories in processed snacks may add up. Replace a bag of chips with apples and nuts, bananas and nut butter, hummus and carrots, etc.


These frozen coffee shop or Starbucks beverages include more sugar and calories, making them more like desserts.

Energy Bars

Some "energy" bars contain enough calories to constitute a meal replacement, not a snack.


Sandwich toppings can mislead people "Harris-Pincus: "Traditional wraps have double the calories of two pieces of bread, despite their thin appearance.

Free Ice Bread

Gluten-free dieters think gluten-free bread will help them lose weight. Harris-Pincus argues gluten-free bread grains are processed and lack B vitamins.

Keto Ice Cream

Keto ice cream may be low carb, but it's super high in fat and calories—and it's often higher in calories than regular ice cream!

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