12 tasty meals with cold cuts

Toss the pita bread to the side and indulge in this healthier meal that uses lettuce leaves as your wrap and around turkey cold cuts

Lettuce Wrap with Turkey

Sliced-up salami cold cuts give a spinach salad a nice, hearty kick In a large bowl, Italian Chopped Salad With Red Wine Vinaigrette

Salad with Salami

Who says your muffin tin can only be used for baking sweets? Line each cup with lunch meat to start creating this delicious and innovative meal. Bonus

Ham Quiche Cups

Go to Philadelphia to get this meal. Turn that thinly sliced rib eye from the deli counter into one of the most iconic sandwiches on the planet

Philly Cheesesteak

Leave it up to Betty Crocker to take cheese slices and cold cuts and turn them into a crowd-pleasing appetizer in just 10 minutes

Beef and Provolone

Leftover sliced ham? Make it a pizza night and throw this cold cut on some store-bought dough with some pineapple

Hawaiian Pizza

Turn this popular side dish into a full-blown meal by stuffing your peppers with cold cuts.

Stuffed Peppers

Perfect on a cold day. Buy frozen dough from the grocery store and wrap up some of your favorite cold cuts and vegetables for a warm sandwich


Tired of the same old roast beef sandwiches? Cut up this cold cut and throw it into a delicious hash.

Roast Beef Hash

This omelet is classic with crispy ham, but you can add whatever cold cuts you have on hand for a delicious, protein-rich breakfast.


Steak, ham, turkey, you name it — you can add any thinly sliced meat from the deli counter to make a hearty breakfast bowl

Breakfast Bowl

A more classic take on those ham-and-cheese quiche bites, these make a great appetizer or addition to a big family meal

Ham and Cheese Bites

when it's wrapped in prosciutto, right And you really can't ever go wrong when you blanket asparagus in this delectable deli meat.

Prosciutto Asparagus