12 Popular Foods Are Damaging Your Heart

Sugary sodas are fairly well-known as bad news. It's no secret that these are on the warning list of beverages that aren't great for your heart. 

Diet Soda

The bad news is that deli meat (or cold cuts) has been proven to greatly increase your risk of heart disease. 

Cold Cuts/Deli Meat

Processed carbs like pasta, white bread, and white rice are all known as high GI foods (high glycemic index). Foods like these are known to raise the glucose levels in your body

Boxed Pasta

If you're going to reach for the energy bar, check out the back of the box to make sure you can read and pronounce the ingredients. Many energy bars are made with corn syrups

Energy Bars

This one can be sad for all the steak lovers out there. For many years, red meat has been heavily debated on the subject of heart disease. 

Red Meat

Rotisserie chicken is probably the most enticing smell you'll encounter in the grocery store. For those fans of this quick, delicious dinner choice

Rotisserie Chicken

Processed sugar consumption has a directly negative impact on our cardiovascular health. Next time you're craving ketchup, try making a simple homemade ketchup recipe


When you opt for the fat-free version, you're sacrificing those good fats for tons of added sugar to compensate for flavor.

Reduced-Fat Peanut Butter

Fruit juice may be a surprising beverage to find on this list. But when you are choosing a fruit juice to buy, it's important to look at the ingredients. 

Processed Fruit Juice


Canned soup often flies under the radar, but these cheap meals can actually cause quite a bit of damage. For one, most cans of soup are highly processed

Canned Soup

You need fiber in your diet to help regulate your blood lipid levels. When you don't regulate these levels, you are increasing your risk of heart disease. 

Premade Fruit Smoothies

But before you order that grande pumpkin spice latte with extra pumpkin and extra whipped cream from Starbucks, you'll want to take a look at the risks these flavored coffee

Flavored Coffee Drinks

Danger Sign Eating Too Much Cheese