12 foods you didn’t know were fruits


Because they’re green, many people mistake avocados for vegetables. Not only are they actually fruit, but they’re specifically berries


we can confirm that the first part, which defines beans as fruit, is true. Beans—kidney beans, lima beans, navy beans, etc.

Bell peppers

Anyone who has ever cut up red, green, yellow, or orange bell peppers knows that they’re full of seeds, so they’re actually fruits.

Chili peppers

Bell peppers and chili peppers are close relatives, grow in the same way, and of course, are both chock full of seeds. And yes,


it’s also a seed, since you can get a coconut to sprout, and as the name suggests, it’s also technically a single-seeded tree nut.


corn is also a low-calorie and low-fat starchy vegetable. However, because corn is a single-seeded product of plant growth, it can also be classified as a fruit.


They are the seed-bearing product of a flowering cucumber plant, which means they are fruits—and that means pickles are fruits, too


 Eggplants are indeed fruits, even though they are often mistaken for—and treated as—vegetables surprise member of the berry family!

Green beans

Green beans, string beans, or snap beans—they are fruit! Specifically, they are a “dry fruit,” because when fully mature, the exterior will dry out


 kumquat is at all, so it’s likely many are unaware it’s a fruit—and a delicious one at that! For the record, kumquats are in the citrus family, 


Although okra can be prepared as a vegetable (try this fried okra from Taste of Home) it can also be added to a fruit smoothie.


Olives look kind of like grapes, which makes sense because both are fruits—but different kinds of fruits. Grapes are berries, but olives are stone fruits 

Pea pods

Like beans and green beans, pea pods are also fruits. The pods are the vessels that carry the seeds, which are the actual peas


it doesn’t look anything like a berry and actually bears a strong resemblance to a tomato. For more on the tomato, keep reading.

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