11 Health Benefits of Plant Protein

it's grains, nuts, beans, or seeds—the process makes it easier for your body to digest and absorb. "This is especially important if you have difficulties with digestion

Sprouted plant protein

Red meat is currently the top source of iron in the American diet, but pea protein is an easy way for vegans and vegetarians to get their fix

Pea protein

When it comes to getting your daily intake of healthy fats, doing so through nut butter couldn't be easier… or more delicious. a super way to add healthy fats to your diet

Nut protein

Ever notice how you get hungry pretty quickly after eating animal protein but stay full for hours after eating plant protein Sources of plant protein—like legumes and beans

Food plant protein

A plant-based diet have a unique gut profile that contains less disease-causing organisms and more protective species that help keep your inflammation

Plant-based protein

Feeling like you're in your twenties when you're well into your sixties, adopt a diet that's filled with more plant protein than animal protein.

Look younger

"Plant protein is essential in living a long, strong, healthy life plant protein help you feel and appear more youthful, but it also helps you make it to your 100th birthday.

Live longer

Plant protein can help you live longer than animal protein is because of how it helps you fight off disease. "Due to the highly nutritious value of these plants

Off disease

When most people look at athletes, they assume they're eating an endless supply of animal protein to get those big, toned muscles.

Athletic performance

The perks of eating healthier overall, fiber-packed, plant-based protein also helps you stay full and satisfied for longer periods of time


Who eat a lot of animal protein aren't getting quality choices. Because of that, the meat they're consuming is toxic with added antibiotics and hormones

Harmful bacteria