11 Foods and Drinks

to Avoid with


Sugary beverages are the worst drink choice for someone with diabetes.

Sugary drinks

They’re created by adding hydrogen to unsaturated fatty acids to make them more stable.

Trans fats

Eating bread, bagels, and other refined-flour items raises type 1 and type 2 diabetics' blood sugar.

White bread, rice

Plain yogurt can be a good option for people with diabetes. However, fruit-flavored varieties are a very different story.

Fruit-flavored yogurt

Despite the health claims on their boxes, most cereals are highly processed and contain far more carbs than many people realize.

breakfast cereals

Coffee has been linked to several health benefits, including a reduced risk of diabetes.

coffee drinks

People with diabetes often try to minimize their intake of white table sugar, as well as treats like candy, cookies, and pie.

Honey, agave nectar

Fruit is a great source of several important vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C and potassium.

Dried fruit

They’re typically made with refined flour and provide few nutrients, although they have plenty of fast-digesting carbs that can rapidly raise blood sugar.

Packaged snack foods

Although fruit juice is often considered a healthy beverage, its effects on blood sugar are similar to those of sodas and other sugary drinks.

Fruit juice

French fries are a food you may want to steer clear of, especially if you have diabetes.

French fries

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