10 Ways You Ruin Your Ab Fat Loss

You eat too little

We're taught that eating as little as possible is the best way to reduce weight, yet this often backfires.

Insufficient whole foods

If you don't eat entire, natural meals, you're probably eating too many processed, empty-calorie products like cakes and cookies.

Insufficient leaf raking

Leafy greens are powerhouse weight-loss foods. Why? They deliver mostly water and healthy nutrients for very few calories.

Dressing drowns salads.

The Nutrition Twins caution that hefty salad dressings may transform a healthy, fresh vegetable salad into a calorie bomb.

Fiber is forgotten

"Fiber keeps us full and breaks the loop of overeating," adds Hembree.Oatmeal isn't your only choice.

You overdrink calories

"Liquid lunch" is a phrase. It's not just a noontime beer. High-calorie drinks can sneakily add calories to your daily intake.

Add sugar packets

Do you shake coffee shop sugar packets before using them? Not satisfying? Or you might add sweet syrups to your coffee.

You're a partier

Don't ditch your friends, but do be aware that social pressure can certainly lead to a higher food intake at dinner than you really planned on.

You're a scale addict

Scales can help you lose weight. Maybe. It doesn't always represent body fat loss progress."Relying too much on total pounds might be depressing," adds Moskovtiz.

You don't make notes

All of the behaviors written above are just words if you don't remember them. So, grab a pen.

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