10 Ways to Lose Your Belly in 10 Days

Never Count Calories

The Naughty Diet encourages eating items you like. Naughty eating. Naughty is "perfectly" unpleasant. Crude makes us fat. Eating everything you want anytime you want is nasty. 

Join The Thousands of Women Like You

These adjustments won't be solo. Thousands of my social media followers have proclaimed themselves Naughty. Facebook, Twitter

Stop the Shame Game

I published a Naughty Survey. Two-thirds of women have been fat-shamed. Nearly 50% of women admit to body-shaming.

Make Guilt Your Bitch

Guilty eating? Women who connected chocolate cake with guilt lost less weight, says Appetite. 95% of women feel "terrible" after indulging, and 45% do "always."

Listen to Your Body

Kim, remember? Her diets always fail. Psychoanalyst Dr. Nina Savelle-Rocklin says, "'Strict and calculated' doesn't work."

Give Yourself a Foodgasm

It's all-inclusive. Calorie counters. The only effective diet emphasises feeling well. Superb. Women in the 1970s were studied.

Eat Naughty Foods

Naughty or nasty? Find an aisle-by-aisle guide to the greatest grocery items, each approved by a dietitian.

Cook When You Feel Like It

I won't have you cook, like most diets. Over 30 of my favourite Naughty dishes, including champagne popsicles and fast, tasty curries.

Chill the Eff Out

Our "crazy busy" lives might make us feel "crazy." You don't need to visit Tibet or take medications to relax deeply. The Naughty Diet will foster tranquilly.

Think Like a Thin Person

The final Naughty step is mental, not fridge-related. Your self-image affects your weight.

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