10 Things
You Didn't Know About Honey

Honey raises HDL cholesterol and decreases LDL. Also, it lowes triglycerides, which put people at risk of stroke.

1. Helps with curing cholesterol

By consuming some everyday you can build an immunity to it. It can really be helpful for people suffering from extreme allergies.

2. Fights allergies

Honey refills the liver’s glycogen level. From now on I don’t think you’ll ever complain from anxiety ever again.

3. Beats insomnia

Honey balances the bacteria on your skin. It works as an antiseptic against acne and prevents pimple.


One enzyme in honey contains hydrogen peroxide which is a powerful antibacterial agent and aids in vanishing scar or dark mark.


Honey’s anti-bacterial properties draw out impurities from the skin, thus targeting breakouts, reducing redness and calming inflammation.

6.Black heads

Using it on your face can eliminate dead skin cells that make your skin look dull. This can reveal brighter skin.

7.Glowing skin

Honey’s natural healing properties will help heal lips faster. Apply before you sleep, to wake up to soft sooth skin.

8. Dry lips

It prevents split ends as it strengthens the hair follicles. It also helps in keeping your hair scalp clean due to its anti-bacterial properties.

9.Split ends

Many people are used to using natural honey on their hair by adding it to their conditioner and shampoo.honey hair treatment is a subtle, natural lightening process.

10.Lightens Hair