10 Surprising Foods Had Gluten in Them


That's right. Your morning cup of joe from your favorite barista could be you secret saboteur in your gluten demise. If your go-to is flavored coffee or instant coffee packs

Soy Sauce

Soy sauce is commonly made with fermented wheat. Sorry gluten-free friends, this complementary rice topping is just not on your list of safe foods.

Processed Meats

Deli meats are monitored by a different gluten-free standard from the USDA instead of the FDA, so check with your store and see if there is a designated gluten-free slicer.


Another one of your Asian favorites might be a secret saboteur. Seitan is a common vegetarian option in Chinese food, but it's not for gluten-free folks.


Canned soups could be teeming with gluten. As usual, noodles are a no-go, but if you didn't know, your cream of mushroom soup might get its thick texture from added wheat products. 


Some pickling processes involve a common gluten product like malt-vinegar. You should reach for pickles not brined that way


This green sushi pairing can contain wheat-based food coloring to achieve its fluorescent color. And again, keep it away from the soy sauce


What creates that desired pudding texture in your chocolate, vanilla, or tapioca spoonful? Wheat thickeners, same as soup. Make sure you are reading all your labels!


A California Roll here and there may seem fine, because rice is gluten-free, right? Sure, but that's not always the case for the imitation crab coiled inside.


Plain butter is gluten-free, but very hard to come by these days in the land of substitutes. There are tons of brands that use additives that contain gluten

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