10 Best Small-Town Fast Food Spots

1) PDQ

Every chicken tender is fried to perfection and their milkshakes are frothy enough for dairy connoisseurs. While they've expanded past their Tampa home-base

2) Waffle House

Open since 1955, the Waffle House is more of a cultural establishment than just a local fast food spot. Its first location in Georgia is open 24 hours a day and every new shop

3) Tijuana Flats

Another southern native,Tijuana Flats first opened in Central Florida's Winter Park area and has since expanded to 2001 locations all throughout the south.Popular dishes include flauta

4) Marco's Pizza

Founded more than 42 years ago in Oregon, Ohio, by Italian immigrant Pasquale Giammarco, Marco's Pizza now has locations in more than 34 states. Known more for their company growth

5) Culver's

Hospitality at Culver's rivals most local fast food spots, and this Wisconsin-based frozen custard hot spot sure knows how to keep it up. 

6) Fazoli's

Fazoli's is the type of place you go to if you're looking for a hearty meal. Based in Kentucky, there 215 locations nationwide, so if you find one, take advantage.

7) Luke's Lobster

Founded in New York City, Luke's Lobster is what you think of when you imagine a success story. Since opening in 2009, you can find Luke's Lobster shops as far away as Japan.

8) Jersey Mike's Subs

Since 1956, Jersey Mike's Subs has been serving us with what we consider New Jersey sub royalty. Started by a high school senior and a football coach

9) Burger Street

For 35 years, this Texas-based burger shop has been filling our bellies with standouts like their bacon cheese burger and chicken strips.

10) Del's

If you're from New England then you know about Del's. Imported from Naples, Del's is a summertime favorite. You can usually find a truck or stand selling their famous frozen lemonade

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