10 other way to eat fruits & vegetables

1.Buffalo Cauliflower

There’s no replacing Buffalo chicken. We know that. But when you’re a vegetarian, trying to slim down, or just need to get some vegetables in your diet.

2.Cauliflower Pizza

 If you’re staring at this pizza photo and wondering why you can’t see cauliflower, In a little treat for our gluten-free friends, pizza uses mashed cauliflower in place of dough.

3.Coleslaw with Peppers and Apples

 Think coleslaw can only include carrots and cabbage? Prepare to have your mind blown with this recipe from All Recipes that calls for the addition of red bell.

4.Dark Chocolate Avocado Truffles

It might sound a bit far-out, but you can actually mix avocado and dark chocolate, roll it into a ball, and serve it as dessert.


 Fajita ingredients can vary based on the recipe and the chef, but most will include peppers (red, yellow, and green), onions, and sometimes tomatoes, in addition to all the savory spices.

6.Fresh Fruit and Yogurt Pops

Instead of buying packaged ice pops made with a ton of sugar and who knows what else, try making your own at home. 

7.Fresh Fruit Bread 

Sure, you could make banana bread, but why limit yourself to just one type of fruit? Check out this recipe from Food.com and you’ll learn how to make fresh-bread with strawberrie.


 Frittatas, which are basically Italian omelets, are an easy way to add vegetables to your diet because you can throw in almost anything you want (including meat).

9.Fruit Smoothie

 If eating fruit isn’t your thing, try drinking it instead. You can turn almost any fruit into a smoothie and mix and match to discover new combinations to add your arsenal of recipe.

10.Green Smoothies

 If your goal is to get more greens down your gullet, take a tip from healthy-eating pros and sneak it into a smoothie. As the best ratio for green smoothies is 2 cups leafy greens.