TOP 10 Negative Side Effects From Avocado


Possible Weight Gain

While they are the ‘healthy’ fats, if you eat too many avocados, you could find yourself packing on the pounds. They are actually very high in calories.

Liver Issues

Avocado contains two components called estragole and anethole, which can cause damage to your liver.

Medication Interactions

This is a big potential danger, because let’s face it, if you eat any avocado, chances are you’ll eat a lot!

Stomach Issues

People with a particularly stomach, may find that when they eat avocado, they experience some discomfort. It is usually in the form of bloating


There are very unfortunate people who may even experience an allergic reaction to the wonder that is avocado. 

Latex Intolerance

If you have a latex intolerance, then you should avoid avocado. Avocado is known to increase the level of serum lgE, which will heighten your sensitivity to avocado.

Lowers HDL Cholesterol

Although it is one of the good fats, avocado actually works against you when it comes to avocado. It lowers levels of HDL cholesterol

Blood Thinner

You need to be especially careful if you take any medications because avocado may interact negatively with them.


If you are a person with hypersensitivity, then avocado is another thing you should avoid. It has been shown to increase the effects and intensity of hypersensitivity.

High Potassium

Avocados have a lot of potassium, which is perfect for when you’re trying to raise your levels, but make sure that you don’t consume too much!

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