10 Inflammatory Foods Cause Weight Gain

when we eat too much glucose-containing sugar, the excess glucose our body can't process quickly enough can increase levels of pro-inflammatory


Once we became aware of the artery-clogging ill effects of trans fats, manufacturers switched to injecting their products with or frying their foods in vegetable oils such as soy

Vegetable Oil

Another issue with these vegetable-oil-fried and processed foods is that they contain high levels of inflammatory advanced glycation end products

Fried Foods

Refined wheat flours have been stripped of their slow-digesting fiber and nutrients, which means your body breaks them down very quickly. 

Refined Flour

While a moderate intake of yogurt can actually help decrease inflammation with its gut-healing probiotics, dairy is also a source of inflammation-inducing saturated fats. 


When our bodies can't metabolize glucose properly, it can lead to a greater release of inflammatory cytokines, as is the case with sugar and refined carbs. 

Artificial Sweeteners

"Artificial" means that the product is not naturally found in nature. And that means your body usually doesn't have a way to process it. Ingredients like artificial coloring

Artificial Additives

We may have just absolved saturated fats of their connection to heart disease, but that doesn't mean they're out of the woods just yet.

Saturated Fats

These drugs not only keep the animals from getting diseases in cramped feedlots or getting sick from their unnatural diet

Conventional Grain-Fed Meats

Processed meats are the worst of both worlds. They're typically made from red meats high in saturated fats and they contain high levels of advanced glycation end products (AGEs)

Processed Meats

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