10 Healthy Mug Recipes Make in 5 Minutes

Egg Omelet

This recipe is a simple way to get in a hearty dose of protein without all the added wait time. Egg yolks provide a nutrient called choline that helps fight hunger 

Pumpkin Oatmeal

This recipe combines fiber-packed oats with protein-rich eggs and the comforting tastes of pumpkin and cinnamon. It's a next-level way to get your nutrients


Quinoa and egg breakfast

A single serving of this quinoa and egg breakfast has almost 20 grams of protein for the recommended daily amount of 46 grams for women and 56 for men. You can add any veggies

Blueberry muffin

The burst of blueberries leaves a tangy flavor that will have your tastebuds cheering. Plus, blueberries are filled with antioxidant properties and belly-blasting nutrients.

Spinach and cheddar quiche

The healthy amount of spinach in this quiche will amp up your vitamin intake, help build muscle, and aid weight loss.

Egg White Omelet

Go for the center cut pork bacon to assure you're getting the highest quality bacon. For more breakfasts that'll help you shed the pounds

Spinach Ricotta Lasagna

The gooey cheesy filling combined with the fresh spinach, peppers and basil create an irresistible dish that won't have you overindulging. With less than 300 calories

Spicy Pumpkin Meatloaf

The flavors combine to make a cozy, comforting mug meal that takes less than 10 minutes! Along with being loaded with taste, pumpkin is packed with fiber and is low in calories.

Lentils with yogurt, almonds, and mint

This vegetarian mug meal is raving with protein and fiber. Since they're a resistant starch it makes you feel fuller, longer. 


cut the starchy carbs and go for this easy-to-make, good-for-you version. It still combines all the best parts of the pizza, minus all the napkin blotting.

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