10 healthy food substitutes

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 In cake and brownie recipes, half the oil can be replaced with applesauce.You'll save calories without sacrificing flavour or texture.


Brown rice should be substituted for white rice. it offers more fibre and minerals. It's also more filling because of the fibre.

brown rice

egg whites

Instead of entire eggs, use egg whites. To reduce calories and cholesterol, replace each egg in a recipe with  ΒΌ  cup egg replacement or two egg whites.

 multigrain pasta

Instead of white pasta  , use multigrain or whole wheat pasta. As an extra bonus, some pastas include Omega-3 fatty acids.

 ground turkey

To cut calories and fat, use ground turkey, ground chicken, or extra-lean ground beef in burgers, meatballs, meatloaf, and lasagna.

 low-fat cheese

Low-fat cheese is preferable to full-fat cheese that cut calories and saturated fat without sacrificing flavour.

 fat-free yogurt

Instead of sour cream, use fat-free yoghurt to save calories and saturated fat and feel better about your meal.

 fresh herbs

Instead of salt and salt-based herbs, use fresh herbs and spices. You'll eliminate the sodium from your diet and infuse your foods with new flavour.

To cut calories and fat, use skim or low-fat milk instead of cream in cream-based soups or pastries.

low-fat milk

 whole wheat flour

To enhance fibre in your recipes, use whole wheat flour instead of all-purpose flour.


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