10 Foods You Could Make In An Air Fryer

Using an air fryer to make apple pie is our new favorite hack—especially since the resulting dessert is the perfect size for a couple

Apple pie

When you think of potatoes and air fryers, your mind probably goes to fries or tots or hash browns. But you can also cook delicious baked potatoes in your favorite appliance,

Baked potatoes

You can make tasty, juicy burgers right in your air fryer. Just place them in the fryer, cook for six minutes, flip the patties, and cook for an additional 3-5 minutes


The trick is to coat your chicken in eggs and breadcrumbs and air fry it for a bit, but don’t add the sauce and cheese until you flip the chicken.

Chicken parm

Not only can you make the classic restaurant dessert known as chocolate lava cake at home, but you can also do it in your air fryer!

Chocolate Lava Cake

made in your air fryer, Just separate the individual rolls, place them in your air fryer, and cook at 350 F for 8-9 minutes. Then just top those beautiful buns with frosting, and enjoy!

Cinnamon rolls

Making cookies in an air fryer is pretty much the same as making cookies in the oven—except, you know, they go in an air fryer. Also, cookies are quicker in the air fryer


We used to think the best way to make croutons was just by letting bread get really stale. This works, but there’s a fine line between stale bread and bread overgrown


Just grab some cupcake mix and follow the usual instructions, but ditch the cupcake tin, and instead of paper cups, use silicone ones.


Make donuts fresh at home with your air fryer. It’s just yeast, milk, sugar, salt, egg, butter, and flour—plus whatever toppings, frostings, and/or glazes you want on your donuts.