10 Foods that Make You Age Faster

1. Milk

Saturated fats are found in whole milk increasing the risk of heart disease and rheumatism. Opt for skim or non-fat milk when possible.

2. Sausages and processed meats

The high levels of fats and sodium found in sausages and processed meats can cause circulation problems and increase the risk of heart disease.

3. Store-bought pies and sweets

The proportion of sugar found in store-bought pies and sweets can cause rapid weight gain, which can later lead to dental issues and heart problems.

4. Canned fruit

Canned fruit packaged with syrup, are less so, as they contain large amounts of sugar that can make put stress on the body and make you age faster.

5. Artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners contain fewer calories than real sugar.they can have a negative impact on our digestive system and metabolism.

6. Microwave popcorn

Avoid microwave popcorn varieties that are prepared with artificial butter.The more fake things you put into your body, the worse the effects can be in the long-run.

7. Partially hydrogenated oils

 They also spread inflammation in your body. Inflammation triggers the creation of free radicals, which can damage your DNA.

8. Processed sauces and condiments

Processed sauces and condiments contain large amounts of sugar, salt and preservatives, which are known to lead to heart disease, among other problems.

9. Fried foods

When food is fried at extremely high temperatures,it releases free radicals that damage your skin cells.The high sodium content removes water from the skin

10. Chemically treated fruits

They can speed up aging of the kidneys or liver, have harmful interactions with medications in the body and build up to levels that cause injuries more easily.

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