10 food for stronger nails

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Just as protein helps build strong muscles, it works same on your fingernails. Eat lean chicken, fish, beef and pork to keep your nails in top shape.

Lean meat 

Eating lots of fruit  is an easy and delicious way to get more nutrients and vitamins in your diet. Vitamin C helps  collagen production and  increases nail elasticity.

Fruits and berries

Green leafy vegetables, including kale, spinach and broccoli provide your body with enough iron, folate, and calcium to get your nails back in shape. 

dark leafy greens

Snacking on nuts and seeds gives you plenty of healthy fats your nails may crave. Almonds are good source of protein and magnesium, sunflower seeds are  the antidote to weak nails

Nuts and seeds

salmon is rich in protein, biotin and omega 3 fatty acids, which is needed for healthy nails. healthy fats and vitamins B6 and B12 that help nails from chipping, breaking, peeling or breaking.


Milk is rich in calcium and vitamin D. Both of these are essential for making strong nails that can withstand all the torture we receive every day.

Fortified milk

Beans are high in biotin,   that helps nail to  grow longer and thicker over time. Legumes  contain "nine essential vitamins and minerals, including B vitamins and biotin.

Beans and legumes

eat Eggs and you can feel the benefits from head to toe, including claws. Eggs also contain vitamin B12, vitamins A and E, iron and biotin. Biotin is the thickness of the nail.


Whole grains are an amazing source of biotin, silicon, and cysteine, keep your nails healthy. Oats contain micronutrients such as copper and zinc that maintain healthy nails and bones.

Whole grains

Wheat beer has been shown to be rich in silicon and helps strengthen bones and therefore nails. you can pour in a cold beer every once in a while and see the effects within reach.



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