10 Fantastic Flourless Desserts

you'll only need five ingredients: dark chocolate, butter, eggs, sugar and cocoa powder. The secret to its light texture is the double baking

Twice-baked chocolate cake

It has a buttery digestive biscuit base and sweet filling made from passion fruit, lime, egg yolks and condensed milk.

Passion fruit key lime pie

Chickpea water, known as aquafaba, replaces egg whites to make light and crunchy meringues, and coconut milk makes a luxurious filling

Tropical fruit pavlova

Chocolate-lovers will appreciate the smooth and not-too-sweet center of this baked cheesecake.

Black forest chocolate cherry cheesecake

Lemon thyme, honey and almond cake

This beautifully dense and moist cake uses ground almonds instead of flour, plus extra virgin olive oil and yogurt, and is sweetened with honey.

A great flourless alternative to a traditional sponge, this moist cake is made with ground almonds and flavored with vanilla and cinnamon

Almond and cinnamon cake

Have a go at this crumble with a difference. Caramelized bananas and dates pair beautifully with a crunchy, nutty and spiced topping

Banana and peanut butter crumble

Slices of bread go in a dish, followed by dried fruit, spices, cream, milk and eggs. It’s baked until spongy and served with ice cream.

Bread and butter pudding

Swap peaches and cinnamon for peaches and lavender or strawberries with balsamic vinegar if you’d prefer.

Peach puff tart