10 Egg Hacks You Need to Try

1. Fry Your Eggs in Onion Rings

Crack the egg into a cooked onion ring. The combination of crunchy breading and gooey egg yolk is sure to win you over.

2. Make Omelets in Waffle Iron

Whip out your trusty waffle iron. No flipping is required, and it's ready in minutes! Not to mention,their waffle shape makes it acceptable to pile on extra toppings.

3. Bake Eggs in Your Pressure Cooker

Everything gets sauteed in the cooking recipient, before being combined with the eggs and baked to fluffy perfection.

4. Make Poached Eggs Using a Sous-Vide Technique

For perfectly poached eggs, turn to the Arzak egg technique.it involves wrapping eggs in plastic wrap before poaching.

5. Bake Eggs in Galettes

Brunch just got chic with these sour cream and bell pepper baked egg galettes by Israeli-English Chef Yotam Ottolenghi.

6. Steam Your Eggs for Easy Peeling

Steaming your eggs is the key to making them perfectly peel-able.This method takes only slightly longer than boiling,but stress-free results are worth it

7. Bake Eggs in Bread Bowls

Wrapped in tin foil and baked, these delicious parcels are perfect for a quick morning meal or even breakfast for dinner.

8. Use Scrambled Eggs as a Tasty Taco Filling

Eggs make an excellent, cheap protein replacement for meat, poultry and fish in tacos.And who wouldn't want to eat tacos for breakfast?

9. Bake Boiled Eggs in the Oven

One of the easiest ways to cook up a big batch of boiled eggs.Pop 'em in a muffin tin, bake 'em in the oven, and voila! 20-30 minutes later, they're good and boiled. 

10. Poach Eggs in the Microwave

Did you know you can actually poach eggs in the microwave? It's true, and you can even get that irresistible runny yolk in less than one minute!