10 Cooking Hacks For Weight Loss

When you're cooking from a recipe,ignore specific measurements for salt and pepper. Your mouth is more accurate than  measuring spoon. Taste and adjust as early and often as possible

1. Season to taste

When you salt is as important as how much you salt. Season chicken, pork, and turkeyup to eight hours before cooking. The salt will penetrate the meat fully and yield juicier.

2. Time your salt

Too much salt? Use a splash of vinegar to provide a counterbalancing punch of acid. Too much heat? Try a drizzle of honey to mellow out the spice.

3. Fix your mistakes

Research shows that these are the least-crowded times of the week at the market, making it possible to pick out first-rate products without the clamoring masses.

4. Shop for food on Monday or Tuesday

Surface moisture creates steam when it hits a hot pan or grill, impeding caramelization. use a sharp knife to squeegee off the water trapped within it

5. Pat meat and fish dry before cooking

For deeply flavored foods, don't overcrowd the pan. Ingredient overload makes a pan's temperature plummet, and foods end up steaming rather than caramelizing.

6. Don't overcrowd the pan

The same goes for peaches, potatoes, onions, bread, unpeeled garlic, and coffee. Cold temperatures compromise the flavor and texture of these staples.

7. Keep tomatoes out of the fridge

Warm food served on a cold plate is a rookie mistake. Heat your dishes in a 150-degrees-Fahrenheit oven for 10 minutes before plating a meal.

8. Warm your plate

Talk to butchers, produce suppliers, and fishmongers before buying. They can steer you to the best ingredients.

9. Make friends

Drop your aging produce into ice water before cooking. Plants wilt due to water loss; ice water penetrates their cells to restore crispness.

10. Freshen up limp veggies

Anti-ageing foods for flawless skin