10 Classic Ice Cream Truck Treats

1. Bubble Play

Eating a Bubble Play is more difficult than turning an actual double play. the Bubble Play is a cherry-flavored, mitt-shaped ice pop with a bubble gum baseball stuck to the center.

2. Candy Center Crunch

It’s essentially a vanilla ice cream bar covered in a Nestle Crunch-like chocolate shell, but in the very middle was a large, solid bar of chocolate.

3. Chipwich

Chipwiches – chocolate chip cookies sandwiching a heaping serving of vanilla ice cream – are deceiving. They always seem like an obvious upgrade over the traditional ice cream sandwich

4. Choco Taco

Vanilla ice cream with a chocolate swirl housed in a taco-shaped waffle cone that’s covered in chocolate and peanuts is better than meat, cheese

5. Chocolate Eclair

The dessert is basically just chocolate ice cream surrounded by vanilla ice cream surrounded by more chocolate ice cream and covered in little “cake” pieces.

6. Bubble Gum Swirl

Bubble gum and cotton candy are both fine foods, but anything flavored like bubble gum or cotton candy always ends up tasting pretty nasty

7. Creamsicle

Creamsicles have been an ice cream truck staple for as long as we can remember. In fact, they got so popular that Popsicle spun off Creamsicle into its own brand

8. Crunch Bar

It’s basically the exact same thing, except it doesn’t have the bonus chocolate bar in the middle, and it’s made by Nestle.

9. Drumstick

These treats seem like they’ve been around since the beginning of time, and they really do combine the most important sundae ingredients – vanilla ice cream

10. Firecrackers

 there was always that sneaky friend who would try to eat just the red and blue parts while leaving the white  even though this would inevitably end with popsicle pieces

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