10 Childhood Ice Cream truck treats

King Cone

The King Cone is kind of like Good Humor’s version of Nestle’s Drumstick, with the big difference being that it’s slightly less messy.

Klondike Bar

It’s just ice cream, after all. Personally, we love Klondike bars, especially now that they have numerous varieties like Mint Chocolate Chip, Caramel Pretzel, Reese’s and Heath.


I distinctly remember when Popsicle released their Lick-A-Color pops and how much they changed everything. No longer did kids need to commit to a single flavor

Looney Tunes Ice Pops

Nowadays it seems like every cartoon character has his or her face on an ice pop, but back in the day, Tweety and Bugs Bunny were among the few options available.

Pink Panther

Surprising if only because we don’t recall the Panther being that popular among kids back then. Then again, the first Pink Panther film was released all the way back in 1963

Push-Up Sherbert Treats

There were numerous companies who replicated this product, but everyone knew the Flintstone version was the best. They even contained vitamin C,making them like a frozen version


Remember when we discussed the Bubble Play? The Screwball is similar, except someone finally solved the gum issue. With a Screwball, you can’t access the bubble gum until you fully consume

Snickers Ice Cream Bar

The Snickers Ice Cream Bar was a summertime solution for candy bar lovers. No longer would they have to deal with melted chocolate in the warmer months


Sure, the ratio of chocolate to vanilla was a bit too skewed toward the latter, but that only made gnawing on Snoopy’s ears, nose, eyes, and smile all the more enjoyable.

Snow Cone

I’m not going to sugar-coat it (pun not intended), Popsicle-brand Snow Cones ruined snow cones for us in our childhood. Instead of being a cone filled with lightly packed bits of shaved ice