10 Best Fat-Fighting Ingredients


It also possesses powerful health benefits such as helping to boost your immune system, warding off heart disease, lowering blood pressure, and fending off weight.


Moroccan cuisine's lesser-known star ingredient is mint: an herb which is traditionally used in Moroccan teas to extend a sign of hospitality to visitors

Coconut Milk

The dairy-free liquid is commonly used to thicken up Thai curries without thickening up your waistline. 

Dijon Mustard

Dijon mustard is a big deal in France. It got its name after being invented in the French city, Dijon, by adding the juice of unripe grapes instead of vinegar


Mexicans figured out the easiest way to eat more of the antioxidant-rich dark cacao was to use it in their national dish: mole poblano.

Virgin Olive Oil

Greek ties to the olive tree run deep—like 60,000 years old deep! Greeks pour extra virgin olive oil over salads, drizzle it over cheese, use it to flavor stews

Bok Choi

This cruciferous veggie is a primo source of iron, a mineral whose deficiency is linked to fatigue—which can disrupt hormone signaling

Curry Powder

One of the most-recognized dishes of Indian cuisine is curry. And although curry powder sounds like it may only belong in its namesake dish, it's often used in many other Indian dishes.


One of the most highly-recognized Spanish dishes is the rice dish, paella, which gains its famous red hue from saffron. This delicate spice is actually the individual stigma


This fermented food—when prepared traditionally—can help heal your gut and expedite weight loss. Before the invention of a freezer, Germans preserved foods