10 ballpark foods you can make at home

Corn dogs

Hot dog that’s on the opposite end of the messy spectrum, then you can’t beat a corn dog. This self-contained snack-on-a-stick can be made at home

Chili cheese dogs

Chili cheese dogs are even better at home because you can pick your preferred type of hot dog, customize your toppings, and not worry about getting this messy meal

Fried pickles

We used to have to choose between deep-frying our pickles and baking them, with the former being very unhealthy and the latter not tasting quite right

Cracker Jacks

Cracker Jacks,” say the lyrics of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.” But you don’t need to buy this snack at the ballpark or the store when you can make it yourself at home

Chicken fingers

A big tray or basket of chicken fingers is our go-to order at stadiums, and sometimes at restaurants, too! They’re easy to eat, they please the kiddos, and we love

Cotton candy

To be upfront: you’ll have to mutilate a whisk in order to make homemade cotton candy work—but if you can do this, then you won’t need a machine

Boiled peanuts

Most stadiums simply serve bags of peanuts—just open and enjoy. But in southern stadiums you’ll find another option: boiled peanuts. It’s an acquired taste

Lemon ice

lemon-flavored ice treats are easily our favorite ballpark snack. They’re refreshingly frozen, they last for a while, and they’re not a bad bang for your buck


The sweetness of a milkshake that balances out with the saltiness of pretty much every other item in this list, and we rarely pass up on a frothy frappe

Jumbo pretzel

When you’re at a baseball game, you don’t eat handfuls of little pretzels—you eat one giant soft pretzel that’s the size of the field.

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