10 American most iconic sandwiches?

Pork Tenderloin Sandwich

These monstrosities and are judging it on the name instead of on the giant image on your screen right now, you'd think that Indiana's pork tenderloin sandwich is boring.

Pulled Pork Sandwiches

These can't really be traced to one specific state or city–we're sure Kansas City, Austin, North Carolina, and Memphis will each claim to have the best BBQ pulled pork sandwiches


It doesn't matter whether you call it a hoagie, a sub, a wedge, a hero, or a grinder, these Italian sandwiches are workhorses for us Americans

Southern Chicken

It's a sandwich so simple even McDonalds can do a decent version – simply a chicken breast brined in buttermilk, dredged through seasoned flour and batter, then deep fried 

Thanksgiving Sandwich

Thanksgiving or Pilgrim sandwich – given that it is made from the leftovers of a distinctly American holiday. So load up that turkey, 

New York City Hot Dog

We're not ones to go in for philosophical internet debates, but a hot dog is a sandwich and New York City hot dog from Nathan's is absolutely a sandwich. Next! 

Crab Cake Sandwich

Other states will claim to do it better,but if you want a real crab cake sandwich, you'll have to head east to Maryland and the Chesapeake Bay,where they make them simply & perfectly

The Dagwood

The only requirement for creating a Dagwood is making it multi-layered, incredibly tall, and ridiculously over-the-top and gluttonous

Monte Cristo

France may have the croque-monsieur, but we have the Monte Cristo – and we've improved on France's signature sandwich. I mean, come on! It's a ham and cheese sandwich 


You may have never heard of Binghamton, New York, but trust that you'll remember them after digging into one of their Spiedies – sandwiches made with long-marinated

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